Wednesday, October 16, 2013

mATch up Tool Helps Teachers Match Tools to Tasks

The Maryland Assistive Technology Network's mATch up Tool was mentioned during a webinar I attended today and the timing couldn't be better! This wonderful resource is perfect for IEP teams looking for tools during the AT consideration process. The categories are general but open to more specific tasks. Writing, for example, offers specific choices for Handwriting/Keyboarding, Prewriting/Notetaking, Mechanics/Spelling/Editing, and Composition. Choosing a task opens a list of products ranging from No/Low Tech to High Tech. Going a step further, you can choose a product to view a screen shot of it and where to purchase it. This is a great way for teams to build their knowledge about AT tools without doing a lot of research. Thank you Maryland AT Network for devising this great feature mATch up Tool!

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