Monday, March 11, 2013

Free Voice Recognition (speech to text) in Chrome

Have you ever wanted to try voice recognition with a student but didn't want to purchase the software, or don't have a device to run the free app? With TalkTyper, dictation is free to anyone with a computer and Google Chrome, a free web browser. Speech input has been around for a long time and has certainly improved recently, especially the Nuance app, Dragon Dictation for iOS devices. Talktyper is different, it's a free service and a wonderful solution to those that don't have an Android phone, iPhone or iPad to work with.

Click on the post title to link to TalkTyper, then click the Microphone icon and begin speaking. It works best to dictate one sentence at a time. If the speech was recognized correctly, it will appear in red. To hear it, click on the Speaker icon. If your speech wasn't recognized correctly, click the Alternatives button to view other 'recognitions', (what it thinks you said) or just repeat the sentence again. If the text is okay, click the Okay button, and your text will be added to the box at the bottom.
When you're all done, click the Copy button and paste the text into a document, email, blog, or tweet! (If the copy button doesn't work for you, remember that the shortcut for copying is "Ctrl-C").  

Remember, TalkTyper is only available if using Google Chrome! To remove unwanted ads, install the Chrome extension Adblock Plus. Dictation is available in several languages too!

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