Thursday, November 10, 2011

Windows 7 Tablet vs iPad

RJ Cooper has developed a system that's an alternative to the iPad for communication and switch users. It's simply a tablet PC with Windows 7, so any PC software can be installed and the entire device is switch accessible. Why choose Windows over an iPad? RJ has listed some valid considerations, here's an excerpt from his site:
1) If you're a switch user and want complete control over the device, the iPad simply won't allow total control by anything other than finger touch/swipe (or pointer that is 'electrified' as per my 'secret').
2) If you need joystick, or trackball, or head tracker, or eye control, or any other type of alternative input 'global' control (except for switch control *within* a switch-friendly app).
3) You don't want to mess with iTunes at all.
4) You must purchase programs (apps) by Purchase Order, not credit card.
5) You need access over the operating system and file system, menus, and other User Interace aspects.
6) If your user messes around with the Home button, thus exiting the app he/she is supposed to stay in.
7) If your user cannot slide the Slide To Unlock slider to get *into* their iPad (I make a nice training app for this called Slide 2 Unlock at the App Store.  If you're using my Bluetooth Switch Interface or Super-Switch, just clicking it will turn on your iPad and get past the Unlock screen :)
8) And most of all, your IT dept. simply doesn't want to deal with Apple or iPads.

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