Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Strategies to Increase School Completion Rates for Students with or at risk for Emotional/Behavioral Disorders - webinar

Webinar is August 20th. Presenter: Tim Lewis, Ph.D. University of Missouri Professor of Special Education; Co-Director, OSEP Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports; Co-Director, Center for Adolescent Research in Schools.
Excerpt from announcement: "This webinar will focus on two current federally funded Centers that are focusing on prevention and intervention among high school students at risk for school failure due to problem behavior. First, the need for consistent pro-active environmental supports across a continuum will be discussed through School-wide Positive Behavior Supports. Second, preliminary work will be presented from a recently funded research center focusing specifically on students with EBD within high schools. Participants will be provided with big ideas and essential features as well as directed to available resources to assist them in their implementation efforts."
Who should attend this program:
Representatives of state education agencies, school based leadership teams, classroom and special education teachers, central office and building level leadership, parent leaders, and policymakers

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