Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Fusion USB

I just spoke with the Fusion rep and found out that they're coming out with a new version. It's the same price and ready to ship. We have had many success stories with the Fusion and I'm sure we'll be getting some of these. Here's information from the flier.

Easy file transfer—Convenient file mobility
With Fusion USB students can:
• Connect directly to any computer for quick and easy file transfer
• Connect directly to a printer for quick printout
• Copy Fusion files to a thumb-drive and take them home, or the computer lab
With the Fusion and USB thumbdrive teachers can:
• Upload writing assignments into the Fusion
• Upload a chapter from a book to be read back to the student
• Upload text from a website for easy reaback
• Load new software programs as they become available
Every Writer comes with these features:
• Word Prediction
• Keyboard Instruction
• Thesaurus and Spell Check
• Spell It! Spelling/vocabulary program
• Creative Writing Prompts
• Spanish to English Dictionary

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