Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tobii ATI vendor at May meeting

Dan Lipka, the rep for Tobii ATI will be at our meeting on May 8th. This is the company that sells the L*E*O and they also have an Eye Gaze system that's been around for several years. He'll be showing us how their products differ from others and will give out demo cd's of their software. Please plan to attend and bring your speech therapists! A flier will be distributed to special ed directors soon.

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Beth Salinski said...

We have had a Tobii demonstration several times in the past 6 months alone. Every time it is disappointing. They have what appears to be nice technology, but it does not live up to the expectations they build. They also do not seem to have a good grasp of AAC and language as their content is very limited and does not seem to be built on any clear strategy.