Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do you need Overlay Maker to use overlays with IntelliTools Classroom Suite?

I called Linda Baldwin with Lab Resources this morning to ask this question. She is an awesome resource since she wrote the Lab Lessons that we are using for training on this product. She discovered that there is a free trial download of Overlay Maker 3 on the IntelliTools website (click on post title). After the trial period is over, you can still open and print overlays! For those of you that can use the pre-made overlays, this saves the cost of purchasing Overlay Maker. Thanks Linda!

I have been ordering from Linda at Lab Resources for several years now and highly recommend this company. They resell many different products and Linda is always happy to answer questions about the products she carries. I've added Lab Resources to our Links to Resources along with the link to IntelliTools Overlay Maker trial download.

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